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Fortress Gym Bury is more than just a gym within which to exercise, lose weight or improve fitness.

It is a gym where our expert coaches aim to provide you a re-education when it comes to physical & mental health, strength, fitness and overall well-being.

Our lives are comfortable, but with that brings the problems we see in modern day society. Obesity continues to rise, the physical health of so many is compromised and depression rates are higher than ever.

Fortress is unique amongst gyms in Bury in that it's purpose is to provide you and all our members with the knowledge, skills and mindset required to enable a life without limits. Our coaches will not flog you with mindless exercise for short term benefits, instead they will help you realise and embrace your inner strength so that you may live a fulfilling and rewarding life with the ability to endure the times when you feel beaten or down, and empower you to break through glass ceilings and achieve goal after goal.

If you possess the determination to step out of your comfort zone, working with the coaches and other members of the Fortress community, you can be confident that you will grow in strength of body, mind and character which will transfer to life outside of the gym, permitting you to lead a happy and healthy life.

Meet the team...

Sarah Leng image

Sarah Leng

Owner & Head Coach

With over 15 years in the fitness, sports and physical education field Sarah is exceptionally qualified and passionate about more than just exercise and pushing people beyond their physical limits.

Lizzie Howard image

Lizzie Howard


Fitness and well-being is an immense passion of Lizzie's, and after dedicating the majority of her life to sport & fitness, she is dedicated to helping you reach your ultimate strength and fitness goals.

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Fortress Gym
Unit 1 | Phoenix House
Brierley Street | Bury