FREEDOM is the name of our small group training provision.

Our FREEDOM program focuses on all aspects of general physical preparation (GPP), and is perfect for you if you are ready to make a real change to your health, well-being and physical fitness.

From mastery of movement to mobility and meditation; FREEDOM will equip you with a solid foundation of training that will improve your fitness and wellbeing enabling you to lead a long, strong, healthy and happy life.

In participating in FREEDOM sessions you will be stretched and challenged to realise your potential.

Whether your focus is weight loss, strength gains, increased muscle mass, or holistic improvements to your physique and body composition, our coaches will deliver the program in a way that works for you.


Personal Training

Coaching and programming that is unique to you, your needs and your goals. Our coaches will ensure that you receive the highest quality expert training that is guaranteed to enable you to smash your goals.

Strength Academy

Structured, purposeful training for kids aged 7-16. Focusing on safe and effective strength, conditioning and prehab, Strength Academy aims to instil a passion and thirst for engagement in lifelong training and sport.

Fortress Online

The highest quality programming and expert coaching, provided remotely wherever you choose to workout. This service enables you to train with purpose and at your convenience, whilst under our professional guidance.