Online Coaching


Fortress are now delighted to be in a position to offer you an online coaching service of the highest quality.

Whether you are looking for 1:1 remote coaching or to be part of an online training community, Fortress Online has the capacity, knowledge, experience and skills to provide you with first rate coaching and a program guaranteed to lead you to your health and fitness goals.

All programs are delivered via a free app that is monitored daily by our coaches.

Online programs currently available:


Periodised programming focusing on building lean muscle mass, strength, power and fitness which falls in line with the pre, peak and off seasons ensuring optimal performance in sports such as Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Football etc...


A 6 week program consisting of 18 sessions that focuses on the fundamental movement patterns to increase strength, build lean muscle, and burn fat. This program is run within a 6 week period of your choice with regular input from coaches throughout the program. Requiring minimal equipment, this program will give you the confidence to exercise with purpose from the comfort of your own home and be the springboard to training becoming an essential part of your life.


Do you already have a membership to a gym but often find yourself wandering around not really knowing what to do?

Do you feel like everyone else seems to know exactly what they are doing and have a plan?

Do you get bored of the same routine and feel like you are not making any progress?

If this sounds remotely familiar then Fortress is here to help. Programmed via an app, the coaches at Fortress will provide you with a fitness plan that you can be confident has your goals at its very heart. You will be supported every step of the way and given the same care and attention our face to face clients receive.


Freedom Classes

Small group training that provides the focus you need to improve your health and fitness. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits and are guaranteed to feel amazing in both mind and body after every session.

Personal Training

Coaching and programming that is unique to you, your needs and your goals. Our coaches will ensure that you receive the highest quality expert training that is guaranteed to enable you to smash your goals.

Strength Academy

Structured, purposeful training for kids aged 7-16. Focusing on safe and effective strength, conditioning and prehab, Strength Academy aims to instil a passion and thirst for engagement in lifelong training and sport.