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Unique to Fortress, Strength Academy is a program that has been designed and developed by our Head Coach who has over 15 years experience in teaching, guiding and bringing the best out of young people in all aspects of their lives.

The STRENGTH ACADEMY program runs in two ways:

  1. As a session exclusive to those under 18 years of age on our timetable
  2. Through links with schools and the delivery of an alternative curriculum

Our sessions exclusively for those under 18 that run at Fortress are known as STRENGTH ACADEMY JUNIORS (primary school ages), and as STRENGTH ACADEMY SENIORS (secondary school ages).

All those in the program are expertly coached in order that they might acquire the physical movement skills and competencies that enable them to progress through 3 stages.


At each stage within the program participants are required to demonstrate various skills and competencies in order to achieve standards in physical literacy and the pivotal movement patterns essential to all of us whether a complete novice to exercise or an elite sports performer. Only when they have demonstrated a keen interest and competence in the fundamentals of movement (e.g. crawling, jumping, bounding, hopping, push, pull, squat, hinge and carry) will they progress through the program to the more technical aspects of training with barbells and the like.

The program is designed for those involved to become lifelong enthusiasts in training and exercise. To ensure they are competent and have the knowledge they need to train safely and effectively as adults, and so that they too may pass this on to those around them.

Not only does the program challenge their physical fitness, it also focuses heavily on their mental and emotional wellbeing. Their ability to demonstrate mental toughness, a growth mindset, resilience, and a commitment and discipline to training will be continually tested and rewarded.

Programs for schools are tailored to those who the school seeks support for. This may be their gifted athletes, GCSE students, those in need of a boost to their self esteem or for those looking to provide alternative curriculum for a particular cohort to name a few. Whatever the requirement and need of the school and it’s pupils, a tailored and bespoke program is designed and delivered to meet those needs and exceed all expectations.



Focused on core physical fitness. You will be pushed both physically and mentally and are guaranteed to feel amazing at the end of every session.


For serious strength gains. Focused on weightlifting and powerlifting whilst following a structured and progressive training program.


High energy conditioning session designed for fat loss. Workouts that create an after-burn effect to keep you burning calories for hours after.