Be stronger
than your


  1. A stronghold
  2. A source of refuge or support
  3. A place of exceptional security not susceptible to outside disturbance

Fortress Gym exists to be more than a gym within which to exercise, lose weight or improve fitness. It is a place where under the guidance of our expert coaches and the Fortress community, people of all ages from child to adult are able to change the course of their lives.

At Fortress Gym Bury, we pride ourselves in offering a service that truly has your health, well-being and fitness at the heart of all we do.

What we do...

Freedom Classes

Small group training that provides the focus you need to improve your health and fitness. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits and are guaranteed to feel amazing in both mind and body after every session.

Personal Training

Coaching and programming that is unique to you, your needs and your goals. Our coaches will ensure that you receive the highest quality expert training that is guaranteed to enable you to smash your goals.

Strength Academy

Structured, purposeful training for kids aged 7-16. Focusing on safe and effective strength, conditioning and prehab, Strength Academy aims to instil a passion and thirst for engagement in lifelong training and sport.

Fortress Online

The highest quality programming and expert coaching, provided remotely wherever you choose to workout. This service enables you to train with purpose and at your convenience, whilst under our professional guidance.
Contact Fortress Gym Bury today to book your consultation so that we can tailor a package for you that will be sure to meet your needs.

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Where we are...

Fortress Gym
Unit 1 | Phoenix House
Brierley Street | Bury